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What our customers have to say is a reflection of our company and not something we take lightly!

“Stanley, This is in recognition, You and You’re Installers have been complimented by my Company and related Consumers. Carl has specifically been recipient of several compliments. Thanks for all that You do."

-Paul. H

“Excellent job! Both professional and courteous"

-Janet B.

“Stan, Gerald asked me to extend a thank You for making sure Mrs. T was taken care of. We as a whole appreciate that You were willing to go the extra mile to make sure that she was satisfied with her Install. In the future we look forward and are eager to work with You and Your company to help with all of our Customer’s window treatment orders. Again, thank You for Your extra effort"


“The Blindman did a very good job, was done quickly and accurately”

-Lordon S.

“Stan, Thank You so much for the Warranty. It was a pleasure to work with You. You were very professional and serious about Your job. It was great to work with You"

-Cecilia B.

“Stan was very professional, polite, I would recommend him to anyone”


“Was very pleased with the Blinds and Your Installer Frank”

-Amy Z.

“Very thorough and professional! We have very tall windows so the job took some time, but he did a fantastic job!”

Sharon Q.

“Great! 10/10”

-Robert G.

“Stan, Thank You for trusting us and working with us on our financial state. You were willing to order and Installer the Shutters by making our word that we would pay You at a later time. I love the Shutters! They are beautiful and worth every penny. Thanks again we really appreciate it!!”

-Armando and Diann R.

"Dear Stanley, thank You for the stellar product and service. Thank You for your generous and ethical business practices. May You and Your family have a blessed year”

-Judy and Rick

“Thank You Stan, we really enjoy the Blinds"

-John L.

“Thanks Stanley!!!!!!! ……and lots of ’thanks; for You getting those installed so quickly for me!!! All of You have been great ….expedient and quality of work, professionalism, attitudes..all of it. I really appreciate you guy!!"

-Wendy S.

“Stan Paterka is a professional"


“Your work through (Vendor) was great, very pleased, both could not have been better"

-Joel K.

“Extremely quick and efficient; pleasant, and explained the workings of the blinds well- I was very impressed by the whole experience from (Vendor), one of the most thorough Co’s I’ve ever dealt with"

-Ann K.

“Installer did a wonderful job, wife loves the Blinds!"

-Steve E.

“Excellent and very personable"

-Ruth E.

“Overall Performance rank ten out of ten excellent"

-Carole C.

“The Installer did a great job. We had a problem with the size of the blinds because it was a bay window and the right adjustments were not made when ordered. Not sure if anyone was at fault,but new blinds were ordered and installed and look great! I would order and go down the same tour again!"

-Annette S.

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 Having certified employees is important to us. This ensures that our ownership and representatives have the knowledge and the practical wisdom to accomplish your job. Experience is a great teacher and we want to couple that with technical and logistical know-how so that each job is done with the best service possible.